Grandmaster Ip Chun

Sifu Colin Ward’s Online Wing Chun Training Website is now live!

There are over 450 training videos already uploaded, and more are being added all the time.
The forum also has some of our certified instructors on hand to answer any of your Wing Chun questions.
We hope you enjoy the site!


The next beginner course will begin on Tuesday 1st November 7.00 – 9.00pm.

The full course will run Tuesday and Thursday evenings (7-9pm) for 3 weeks, so 6 lessons in total.

To reserve your place contact us NOW with your FULL NAME and a MOBILE CONTACT NUMBER, as confirmation and further details will then be sent to you via a general text message.

Payment for the course is still just £30 (cash), payable on arrival on lesson one.

Loose clothing and comfortable footwear required.

The Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association was set up in Leeds in February 1991 on the sole request of Grandmaster Ip Chun, eldest son of the late Great Grandmaster Ip Man, (known throughout the world as the famous teacher of the late Bruce Lee but more so as being a modern day founder of this intriguing Martial Art (Yip Chun / Yip Man)).

The purpose of the school being for Grandmaster Ip Chun’s Senior student Sifu Colin Ward (One of only thirteen in the world and only two in the UK) to teach and promote original and ‘Pure Wing Chun’ in the United Kingdom.

By ‘Pure Wing Chun’ we mean, in its simplest, most practical and most effective form without ‘adding’ onto the system, unnecessary and un-Wing Chun techniques.

Anyone can ‘add on’ to a system, the hard part is to take away and yet still keep it pure.” (Ip Man)

Since 1991 the association has flourished with schools opening all over the UK as well as overseas.

With numerous instructors, a proven workable 6 lesson beginner course and regular grading tests, the N.W.C.K.F.A. can guarantee fast track results and keep you on the right course to truly understanding Wing Chun Kung Fu.

Your own personal journey and development however may be a different matter entirely.

The Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association has an outstanding track record and is the

only Ip Chun Hong Kong recognised Wing Chun School in Yorkshire.

The standard of the students is regularly checked by Grandmaster Ip Chun himself, who keeps a close eye on the school’s progress, and unreservedly wishes to share his knowledge and give his full blessing and 100% support to this prestigious association.

Master Colin Ward regularly visits Hong Kong to train with his Sifu (teacher), give seminars at the Universities and every year take dozens of his students with him to train with their kung fu brothers and pay respects to their Si-gung, (teacher’s teacher), Ip Chun.

As well as training in the art itself, we are proud of our regular outside activities such as street psychology, outdoor training weekends, seminars, grading tests, visits to and from the Grandmaster himself, and our strong unification.