Snake CraneEverybody starting with the N.W.C.K.F.A. will be asked to follow our 6-lesson beginners’ course. This is to get you familiar with the basics, make sure it is what you want to do and also so we can evaluate you.

During this time all you will need for training will be a ‘T’ shirt (white), tracksuit bottoms (black or dark) and trainers. I teach by invitation only, to people I think have what it takes, by this I mean the mental discipline, patience and respect (for your teacher, the art and your Kung Fu brothers and sisters as well as your self).

Training fees for your beginner course are just £40 for the whole 6 lesson course, with the full amount payable on arrival of lesson one, then if you are accepted you will be required to pay by standing order, a nominal fee of just £49 per month (Juniors £32). Training sessions available to you are: Monday 7 – 9pm Tuesday 7 – 9pm Thursday 7 – 9pm Saturday 10.30 – 12pm

All the above sessions are included in the £54 per month, as well as, membership, uniform, school insurance and grading fees. No hidden costs!