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Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

Winter 2019/20

Dear Students,


May I begin this newsletter by welcoming the lucky few beginners we have opened our doors to this year, may your time with us be fulfilling, not only in your Wing Chun training/studies, but in your making of new friends too.


It is so wonderful to see our family growing so well, and by family I do not mean just my personal students in Leeds but throughout the entire association, and please remember that this is exactly what we are, a family. It is vital that we remain in contact with each other, coming together whenever possible to share our skills, understandings and experiences, so let’s endevour to build on this even further through this next year.


A huge thank you to all who joined me in Hong Kong again in November, your Chi Sau skills and the respect you showed to everyone, was exemplary as always, I am so proud of each and every one of you, it was an honour for me to spend this time in your company. I know I said this same thing last year but yet again Master Ip Chun was very please with your standard, and everyone we met complimented each and every one of you. I would also again like to take a moment to thank our wonderful Instructors, left behind to take care of the school in my absence and who kept the classes running so smoothly, thank you all.


Next on the list, the December grading, which was held on Sunday 8th December, and for the first time in years we had a clean sweep across the board with everyone passing, well done! Adding to this wonderful news was the successful grading of both Theo Cross and Ben Lambe who both achieved their Black lll (Sifu) Level, congratulations to you both and let’s keep up the good work.


During the Christmas period the school will be closing after class on Saturday 21st December and reopening in the New Year on Monday 6th January, so may I take this moment to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for 2020.


For those of you who have been asking about our Christmas party, well this I have decided to make a big change. Due to the heavy demands of everybody’s family lives and work parties to attend. I have decided that our Christmas social will be held early on Saturday 11th January! By doing this we will be able to get the venue of our choice, still have the Christmas feel but not the Christmas crowds, you will also be able to get great deals on hotels should you wish to stay over, or, should you wish to go home, not have to fight for a taxi while paying double rates for the pleasure! Good idea eh?


Our next 6-lesson Beginner Course will take place on Tuesday 14th January (Tues and Thurs for three weeks) finishing Thursday 31st, with the following course provisionally planned for Tuesday 10th March. Remember to send your full name and a mobile contact number to reserve your place.


Thank you for remembering to wear your uniform when training and please keep it up. As I’ve said many times, we may be based in Leeds but we are recognized and respected globally so let’s keep standards high, if you need more shirts, get some! For the winter months it’s always a good idea to get a larger shirt so you can wear it over a hoodie etc.


Yours respectfully,


Sifu Colin Ward            

07885 432 100                                    WingChun.Online