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Dear Students,


If you were wondering why this newsletter has been so delayed (and even missing a season!), it is because we have been waiting for clarity on several issues.


Before we get into these, I’d like to first start by thanking all of you who joined me in Hong Kong this year for the Chi Sau skills you displayed, the respect shown, and the courtesy given, as we shared experiences with so many different students, teachers and schools. I am proud of each and every one of you. Spending this week together and seeing you develop in such a short time was a real pleasure. Master Ip Chun was very please with the overall standard too, and everyone we met complimented you on your approach to the study of this wonderful art. I would also like to take a moment to thank our wonderful Leeds Instructors left behind who took care of the school in my absence and kept the classes running, thank you all.


Moving on. The next grading was due to be held on Sunday 2nd December, although for this month I would like to change the day. Odd I know, as this grading is always held on the first Sunday of December but, as this is a Sunday, and not a regular training day, this will involve a five hour, 300 mile round trip and on a grading that I do not know who will yet attend. I would therefore like to offer this particular grading to be held, still in grading week, but alongside either the Monday or Tuesday classes, so if you wish to grade, just turn up to class prepared and we will test you then. Thank you.


As the festive season approaches so does our Christmas party! This will be held early on Friday 7th December in order to avoid ‘Mad Friday’ on the 21st and the usual ‘Work Do’s’ on the 14th. It would be great if you could join us for a night of relaxed drinks and giggles, meeting at ‘The Decanter’ on Park Row between 6.30 and 7.00pm, from there we will move on but not 100% sure where just yet.


During the Christmas period the school will be closing after class on Saturday 22nd December and reopening in the New Year on Thursday 3rd January. May I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance of the holiday season.


Next we move onto our training camps, as you know, a meeting was held on 4th June 2018 to discuss the keeping or selling of our regular training facility with the result being in favor of keeping it. During this restructuring time we have had two camps cancelled, however assurances have been given that all will be well for 2019.


As mentioned in our Spring newsletter, since moving into our new premises (over 8 years ago) we have had 4 new leases, 4 increases in rent, as well as in water, electricity, gas, rates and so on, with the result being a slight increase in training fees was needed (our first in 10 years). Regular fees were to change to £54 per month (£6.75 per class max); Junior rates and reduced training fees were to change to £32 per month (£8 per class max) and Beginner Courses simply to £40 per course.

This however I have decided to once change this again, BUT, for the first time ever (in nearly 30 years), I have decided to DROP fees, something I am sure you will not hesitate to take care of, as after the proposed increase there are still 50% yet to change. There are a few reasons for this decision such as health, travel distance/time etc. but the main reason being that my attendance will be reducing slightly from the new-year, possibly to fortnightly tuition classes. Therefore, from January 2019, full time fees will be dropped to just £40 per month, with Junior and single class rates being just £30. This plan has come about in order to be fair to everyone and have the school run on an almost co-operative mentality, therefore there should be no exceptions and I do hope that this will encourage single class students to be able to up their training to full time. This reduced fee will run for a four-month trial to see if it is sustainable and able to meet all the schools bills and running costs at this extremely low rate.


The new-year will also see the launch of our new website for N.W.C.K.F.A. where there will be easy access information on upcoming courses/seminars, training events/workshops, grading dates, training camps, Chi Sau gatherings and so on, as well as information on individual classes and what they will cover, and at which classes I will be teaching personally.


Our next 6-lesson Beginner Course will take place on Tuesday 15th January (Tues and Thurs for three weeks) finishing Thursday 31st, with the following course provisionally planned for Tuesday 12th March. Remember to send your full name and a mobile contact number to reserve your place.


Remember to join us at ‘’. Just enter code NWCKFA at checkout and you will get a 30% discount off of your monthly training fees. Spread the word not the code, N.W.C.K.F.A. members only remember.


Thank you again for remembering to wear your uniform when training and please keep it up. As I’ve said before, we may be based in Leeds but we are recognized and respected globally so let’s keep standards high, if you need more shirts get some! For the winter months it’s always a good idea to get a larger shirt so you can wear it over a hoodie etc.


Finally, if you go to a Gordon Ramsey restaurant, you do not expect Gordon to be cooking for you, nether the less you are still getting the highest standards as the head chef for that evening was trained BY chef Ramsey himself. And this is the same idea within the school, if I am not there then listen to the instructor in charge, because it was me that taught them and it is me who has left instruction for the class to follow.

Your consideration in this matter is always appreciated, thank you.


Yours respectfully,


Sifu ward           

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