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Dear Students,
Before I get to the nitty-gritty of forthcoming dates and events I would like to give some thanks, from the top downwards. I want to start by saying a huge thank you to all of the wonderful instructors who help week after week to make the school run as well as it does and help me produce such fine students, in particular Sifu Mark Anderson and Sifu James Paylor, we then have the many wonderful instructors such as Chris, Lucy, Tom, G and so on, who help so often by running warm ups before class or even covering entire sessions. I also wish to tip my hat to the amazing standard shown by our seniors at Brown and Black levels such as Ian, Matt, Adam, John, Ben and so on, who’s commitment to Wing Chun training and their dedication to Chi Sau makes me so proud to be in their company.
Can I also say a big WELL DONE to all of you who attended our most recent trip to Hong Kong, you conducted yourselves impeccably as well as showing great skill and control in your chi sau abilities, I am very proud of you all.
The next grading will be held on Sunday 9th April. Although the grading itself will begin at 12.30 for those attempting Red grades and 1.30 for everyone else, I will be at the school from 11.30 for a one hour training session in order to give you a freshening up period and a chance to clarify if you will actually grade or not. As usual, please do not just ‘Have a go to see what it’s like’ as this wastes your time, my time, and, takes my attention away from others. If anyone is in two minds about grading then do not, the next opportunity will be on Sunday 6th August.
Thank you and best of luck on the day.
If you have friends interested in training with us then the next beginner course will start on Tuesday 11th April 7 – 9.00pm. Get them to text me first please.
Chi Sau Gatherings are approaching and to get us underway I would firstly like to hold an ‘in-house’ get together on Saturday 13th May at 10.00am – 2.00pm, this is for all N.W.C.K.F.A. students and schools only and will be a great chance for us to trade skills with each other as well as to give me a chance for a mini seminar.
The first of this years training camps will be held on 16th – 18th June at our regular site of Spiers Bank, Pickering. The price for the weekend is just £45 (plus £10 for room) and as always, beds are limited so book early with a £20 deposit. To try something different this year I am looking to incorporate street techniques and how they move into chi sau, with the added detail of showing their form relevance.
More details will be given later in poster format and just in case you are wondering the following camp will not be held until October (exact to be confirmed).
Our next official Ip Chun Association Chi Sau Gathering is to be hosted at our school in Leeds and will run on 15th July 11.00am – 3.00pm. I expect you all to try to be there as many schools are travelling from all over the country to be with us to share their experiences. As always this is free of charge and we expect a great turn out.

Yours respectfully,