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Dear Students,


Before I get to the nitty-gritty of forthcoming dates and events I would like to welcome our newest members to the school and also to the association, including the Mann Family School of Kung Fu (and their four branches). If any students have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


The next grading will be on Sunday 9th April. Although the grading itself will begin at 12.30 for those attempting Red grades and 1.30 for everyone else, I will be at the school from 11.30 for a one hour training session in order to give you clarify if you will actually grade or not. If anyone is in two minds about grading then do not, the next opportunity will be on Sunday 6th August. Thank you and best of luck.


If you have friends interested in training with us then the next beginner course will start on Tuesday 5th June 7 – 9.00pm. Please get them to text me first.


Chi Sau Gatherings are approaching and where planned for April in Birmingham, unfortunately Shaun Rawcliffe had to cancel this date and look toward May, a date Karl Stanley and his school could neither confirm. Therefore, we are looking to hold the next gathering in June and as soon as I have a date I will inform you through school announcements, our site and through social media.


The first of this years TRAINING CAMPS will be held on 18th – 20th May at our regular site of Spiers Bank, Pickering. Unfortunately after many years, this May camp will be THE LAST OF ITS KIND as this wonderful venue is being sold, making us the last people to use it before it goes into the hands of new owners. I will make this particular camp into two groups: Complete Knife Form Tuition, or:

Advanced Chi Sau Skills. Training is open to all levels and begins with S.L.T. 9.00am Saturday 19th! The fee for this weekend tuition is just £65 this includes

Bed and Breakfast. If you’re having a bed, bring a sleeping bag. For those wanting to use tents. Bring a tent! For those not staying overnight, fees are £60 for the full course, Single day fees: Sat £40 / Sun £30


To help you better understand what we teach in class there is still the member discount though our online facility ( Just enter code NWCKFA at checkout and you will get a 30% discount off your monthly training fees. Spread the word not the code, N.W.C.K.F.A. members only remember.


There maybe a very good chance of this years Hong Kong trip being Friday 16th November for one week, with the trip cost under £1,200 each including everything (flights, hotel, taxes and all training fees). This price is based on 2 people sharing one room and can be booked now for just £350 (between you), so decide quickly whom you may wish to share with. This fee is for those leaving with us from the UK, other students joining us from around the world, prices will vary. This has still yet to be confirmed for various reasons (Master Ip Chun’s diary) and may change, but for now, please let me know if this is of serious interest to you and be ready to act fast with your deposits. Thank you.


Since moving into our new premises we have had four new leases and four new rent increases, as well as water, electricity, gas, rates and so on, but your training fees have not changed for well over ten years, unfortunately this has to change. Therefore, from 1st July there will be a slight increase in training fees. Regular fees will change to £54 per month (£6.75 per class maximum), Junior rates and Reduced training fees will change to £32 per month (£8 per class maximum) and Beginner Courses will change to £40 each.


Finally, may I please remind all students to remember to wear uniform when training and to keep respectful of the school rules at all times. We may be based in Armley, Leeds but we are respected globally and represent Ip Man’s own Son in Hong Kong and this is nothing less than should be expected by all of us. Please feel free to bring your own drinks etc. but when you are finished with them I would be grateful if you would take them home again or put them in the bin. Also may I add, if at any time I am not taking class and have therefore requested someone else to act as Big Brother (Chinese term for instructor in charge), please show respect by listening to them and the directions I have given them, otherwise chatting etc. while they are trying to teach wastes everybody’s time and is not what this school is about.

Your consideration in this matter would be greatly appreciated, thank you.


Yours respectfully,


Sifu Colin ward             

07885 432 100                                    WingChun.Online