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Northern Wing Chun Kung Fu Association

Spring 2019

Dear Students,


Since I first started to write this newsletter other events have joined in, extending the thing so much and for so long that earlier events have now been pushed out. So instead of advertising these may I just say big well done to the Huddersfield school for their Chi Sau get-together and a big thank you to the Brigg school for their invitation to give a seminar.

On to business, as you are aware at the start of this year (even after multiple additional bills hitting the school) I decided to drop fees to just £40 per month, now I did say at this time, ‘This reduced fee will run for a four-month trial to see if it is sustainable and able to meet all the schools bills and running costs at this extremely low rate’, well unfortunately it isn’t. Therefore in an attempt to be fair I have decided to meet you half way, from 1st May fees will rise back, but not at £54 but to just £49.50 (adults) and £32.50 (Juniors and reduced training) to see how we go (Please remember these fees are still those of a decade ago). May I thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support of the school.

Next, on Saturday 27th April we will be refitting the dummies, wall bags, kick bags, signs, pictures and the like, giving the whole place a well needed clean and facelift. This will begin at midday straight after class if anyone wishes to lend a hand it would be greatly appreciated.

The next grading will take place on Sunday 28th April (the following day), this particular grading will begin at 11.00am with the school being open from 10.30am for last minute preparations.

We are still awaiting completion of the new website but when it arrives I’m sure you will find it most helpful.

I am thinking of holding an open day / NWCKFA Chi Sau Gathering at our Leeds HQ, possibly on 4th May (I’m aware this is very soon so it may be Aug instead) to allow people to see what is actually behind our ‘closed-door’ school, and in conjunction with this the next Beginner Course will start on Tuesday 14th May 7.00pm. If anyone wishes to assist in an open day please let me know!

Camp dates have still yet to be confirmed by the schools owning the venue but we are asking for 28th-30th June, 2nd-4th Aug and 6th-8th Sept and possibly even a late October camp. We are not trying to hold camps on all of these dates but waiting to just see which two are available. I’ll keep you posted.

October will also most likely be the date set for an Ip Chun Academy Chi Sau Gathering, held in Birmingham this time, with a chance for you to link arms with your distance family under instructors Karl Stanley and Shaun Rawcliffe, I hope you’ll be able to join us.

For those wanting to join me in Hong Kong again this year please note that these things can often take time, however, it is increasing more likely that to get the best deals, we will be looking at Friday 22nd Nov for 7 nights. This will be at the luxurious Cordis hotel, flying with Virgin from London and should be around £1,200 mark or less, including flights, hotel, taxes, AND training fees. What you spend there is up to you. If you are interested please let me know ASAP as we need to book early, this is usually done with just a small deposit (around £175).

Remember to join us at ‘’. Just enter code NWCKFA at checkout and you will get a 30% discount off of your monthly training fees. Spread the word not the code, N.W.C.K.F.A. members only remember.

Please make sure you wear your uniform when training, when you look good you feel good, and when you feel good you train good (Bad grammar but you get the idea). As I’ve said before, we may be based in Leeds but we are recognized and respected globally so let’s keep standards high, if you need more shirts get some! Thank you.


Yours respectfully,


Sifu ward           

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