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Dear students/friends,


Please be so kind as to read this message as there are two points I wish to share with you all.



Firstly, with the Corona Virus, there is a difficult time upon us at the moment and it is very likely that things will get worse before they get better but I would like to try to offer a few reassurances where possible.


Classes at the Leeds school have still been running and as yet we have not cancelled any, although measures are now in place for your protection, AND will continue to be so.


For the present time classes will take this opportunity to focus more on form training and personal development with a temporary End to Chi Sau or any partner drills.


This will give me the chance to make solid progress with understanding the Siu Lim Tau, Chum Kiu and even Biu Gee forms, including their applications and personal fitness, with zero partner contact.


All students are requested to thoroughly wash their hands on arrival to class AND before you leave AND, please avoid shaking hands as our usual greeting.

After class, when drying your hands PLEASE keep the paper towel and use this when opening the doors on your exit.


Whatever your personal views on the virus, please consider the concerns of others and assist me in making this happen successfully.



Secondly, may I say a huge thank you to all of you who have stayed with us at this time and for not going into panic by cancelling memberships and running for the hills.


Of course the advice is to ‘stay at home and keep social distancing’, and for some of you I understand the need to do so, however there is also a need for us to keep our health, and to support or local communities and amenities.


Although we are a worldly recognized group and an extension to our Ip Chun family in Hong Kong, we are not a moneymaking profit machine, and barely cover costs, therefore, if the school is to survive this virus we need your support to continue.


As long as I am healthy I will continue to open and personally run class times on Mondays and Tuesdays, keeping a close eye on your training so as to avoid ANY personal contact.

I am also in the process of putting together a ‘Plan B’ should the school need to take further measures such as closing the Thursday and Saturday classes.


Should drastic action need to be taken, there will be other options available in order to still justify your fees.

These may take the form of such ideas as a possible live stream class, future free seminars and even free weekend retreats (when all is settled of course) and free access to our online training facility.


So again may I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your understanding and assistance through this difficult time and I look forward to the summer months when this should all have settled naturally and hopefully a cure found.


Much love to you all,


Thank you, Sifu