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Dear Students, 

May I start this letter by saying well done to all who attended the official Ip Chun Association Chi Sau Gathering in Leeds on 15th July, were nearly 100 students attended. The compliments I received afterwards regarding your manner and skills was wonderful, you always make me feel so proud. Thank you.

The next grading will be held on Sunday 6th August. Although the grading itself will begin at 12.00 for those attempting Red grades and 1.00 for everyone else, I will be at the school from 11.00 for a one hour training session in order to give you a freshening up period and a chance to clarify if you will actually grade or not.

As usual, please do not just ‘Have a go to see what it’s like’ as this wastes your time, my time, and, takes my attention away from others.

If anyone is in two minds about grading then do not, the next opportunity will be on Sunday 3rd or 10th December. Thank you and best of luck on the day.

The next beginner course will start on Tuesday 22nd August 7 – 9.00pm if you know of anyone who is interested, please let them know. A simple text message from them will be enough to reserve a space.

This years second training camp has had to be changed due to an oversight on their part, therefore the next camp dates will now be 6th – 8th October again at our regular site of Spiers Bank, Pickering. The cost for the weekend (due to venue rent) will be £55 (plus £10 for room) and as always, beds are limited so book early with a £20 deposit. This camp will focus on either learning the complete wooden dummy form (Muk Yan Jong Fat) or the whole knife form (Bart Jam Dao), you can choose which group to join but please only choose the knife form if you already know the wooden dummy. And only choose one course please, especially considering both forms contain 8 sections!

This is a BIG opportunity to leap forward in your studies and progress through the system, and as always is open to all association members and affiliated schools.

If you wish to tidy up your other forms before then and so be fully prepared, there is still the member discount though our online facility ( Just ask me in class for the discount code and at checkout and you will get a 30% discount off your monthly training fees. As always, ‘Spread the word not the code’, NWCKFA members only please.

Those of you interested in visiting Hong Kong again with me next year, please start to make yourselves know. I am waiting for a return call regarding the best prices and therefore the best dates, so at this stage it is just to show an interest. At a very early guess, the flights, hotel, training and taxes should be around the £1,150 mark, what you then spend over the seven days there is of course up to you.

Yours respectfully,